The Draft

Only one team will have the first over-all draft pick for this 10th annual event. Will your team raise the most money and capture that first overall pick? It’s simple, the more money your team raises, the higher you draft.

The Draft Day Experience will be held on the evening before the tournament. Every participating team will have the opportunity to draft one former NHL great to play with their team.

So, the more money your team raises the better your chance of drafting your favorite player. In the event of a fundraising tie, organizers will draw from the tied teams to determine drafting positions.

As a player, you and your “Great” will eat, drink and party together at the Draft party as the drama unfolds in the hands of our Celebrity Master of Ceremonies.


2020 Player List

  1. Mike Keane
  2. Tanner Glass
  3. Kelly Chase
  4. Mathew Barnaby
  5. Andre Roy

PLEASE NOTE: A team’s total dollars raised for drafting purposes will be determined by the total amount received by the Foundation, both on and off-line, by Tuesday, March 17thth, 2020 at 4pm.